Retreat in the Redwoods

Set in the beautiful redwoods near the Mendocino coast of California, DWeb Camp is a five-day retreat for builders and dreamers, to gather in nature to tackle the real world challenges facing the web and to co-create the decentralized technologies of the future.


Connect, learn & grow

DWeb Camp is a collaborative space for people to connect, learn, share, and have fun as we work towards building a better, decentralized web. A web that is more open, private, and secure. A web with many winners, home to many voices.

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Grounded in nature

We've reserved a private camp 2.5 hours from San Francisco and 11 miles from the Mendocino Coast. Nestled among towering redwoods, with the Navarro River meandering through the property, this 80-acre site offers beautiful spots to hack, hold workshops, small group discussions, meditate, hike, and emerge from your pandemic bubble! A chance to reconnect with nature.

You are invited to bring your own tent or RV, or you can rent a cabin or glamping tent from us. We’ll provide three farm-to-table meals each day.  Families are welcome!

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What can you share?

DWeb Camp is a co-created event where we ask everyone to share their gifts.

A few ideas:

  • Give a talk.

  • Lead a technology workshop.

  • Volunteer to build or take down the camp.

  • Be a Space Steward and host an event space.

  • Be a Weaver and facilitate a small group.

  • Create an artistic activation.

  • Spearhead a data swap.

  • Build a mesh network.

  • Lead a policy salon.

  • Organize a game night.

  • Come as a Global Fellow to build bridges between communities.

The only limitation is your imagination.

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