Covid Safety at DWeb Camp 2022

We’ve all come a long way since the pandemic began, but new variants are creating a shifting COVID landscape. We are hopeful that by the end of August, the current spike in the Bay Area will be waning. Together, we would like to create a safe culture for everyone to enjoy this year’s DWeb Camp.


  1. We require that all campers provide proof of double vaccination before attending DWeb Camp 2022. Attendees will be asked to present their proof of up-to-date vaccination status upon arriving at the campsite to register.  We also encourage you to get all available booster vaccines before arriving.


  1. 24-48 hours before reaching Camp Navarro, we ask you to take a PCR or rapid test. You will be asked to provide proof of a negative PCR or rapid Covid-19 test when at Camp registration. If you are a guardian bringing children, please test them as well. (Attendees can provide a photo of their negative results to present when they arrive at the campsite.)


  1. In the week leading up to Camp, please be careful about COVID exposure. For those traveling to San Francisco, we ask that you wear a high quality mask when on all forms of transportation, even if it is not required.


  1. Campsite activities and programming will take place primarily outdoors or in well ventilated tents. There are a few large indoor spaces where participants gather and we'll require masks to be worn. (These indoor spaces include cabins, bathrooms and the Hackers Hall and library.)


  1. If any attendee experiences symptoms similar or related to Covid-19, they are required to report immediately to the on-site nurse. They will then receive a rapid Covid test. We will also test their campmates or individuals they’ve had close contact with. (They will need to isolate themselves from other people during this process.)


  1. If a camper tests positive, the DWeb Camp team will assist in coordinating lodging or transportation to their home from the event. If this is not possible, they will be quarantined for the remainder of the event. However, costs of travel and lodging for the isolation period after departing from the camp will be the responsibility of the camper. (Furthermore, we suggest all attendees have a backup plan in mind–should they come down with Covid at the camp.) 


  1. For those staying overnight at the Internet Archive the night before the Build & Camp, we will ask all guests to test before entering the building. This will be a large indoor gathering, albeit in a huge space. We require all guests to mask indoors. If you have medical concerns, we encourage you to find alternative housing. We are happy to help.


  1. We are helping to organize casual carpooling to camp. You will be required to take a COVID test before entering the car and strongly encouraged to wear a mask during the trip.


Our Proactive Steps
to protect your safety

  1. There will be a 24/7 nurse on site, with a nursing station for first aid.

  2. We will hold as much of the camp outside or in well-ventilated outdoor tents.

  3. We will have Rapid Covid tests and N95 masks on site if you need them.

  4. We will have CO2 monitors in the main indoor spaces to monitor air quality/ventilation.

  5. We will carefully monitor the COVID situation and keep you up to date on any changes.


Our Asks of you

We ask campers to be thoughtful about public exposure in the days leading up to DWeb Camp. The last day for refunds is July 25, 2022 (11:59pm PST) which means we will not be able to offer refunds to those who cannot attend due to COVID. We will offer those with proof of infection a free pass to DWeb Camp 2023.

Thank you for your part in keeping everyone safe. See you among the redwoods in August!

If you have any questions related to Covid safety at DWeb Camp, please contact our Director of  Partnerships, Wendy Hanamura ( or Nick Norman (